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Rebuilt Engines & Cylinder Heads Store

General Info: This certified engine remanufacturer offers high performance gas and diesel engines remanufactured/rebuilt auto engines, marine engines (inboard and inboard/outboard) and cylinder heads at unbeatable prices with unique warranty coverage. Our engine supplier has maintained an amazing 1.5% failure rate during its 25+ years in the engine business while the national average failure rate is above 5%.

Product Quality: Our remanufactured engines built to IMPROVE not just REPLACE! All parts in our remanufactured long blocks meet or exceed all original manufactures specifications, and most of the time purchased from the same suppliers who supply the original manufacture.

Note: Beware of any engine supplier using words like reclaimed, re-machined or replaced; These statements mean they are putting used parts back in their engine! Our engines cost less and all our moving parts are new!

Warranty Information:
Automotive Engines 3 YEAR / 100,000 mile warranty
Cylinder Heads 1 YEAR / Unlimited Mileage
Marine Engines 1 YEAR / Unlimited Mileage

Cancellation & Return Policy: Returns will not be accepted after 14 days from purchase date without authorization from supplier. Returns may be subject to a 10% restocking charge plus shipping. No returns without prior authorization from the Supplier (see Contact Us page). Online orders may be cancelled prior to remanufacturing without any charges.

Contact Information:
Sales Department:  
Customer Service:  
Operation Hours: Mon - Fri (8:00 AM - 5:00 PM)

Some Customer Quotes:
"Your prices are better than ten other sites I looked at." Vaughan Whited (Glendale, AZ)
"I received the engine two days ago and it looks great, everything is going well." Elrita Skerrett (Croydon, PA)
"I am a maintenance engineer in the Army. I've been doing this job for 15 years, so I can appreciate the caliber of quality that has to go into manufacturing and/or maintaining a high dollar piece of equipment. You folks hit the mark. That's what I call a high standard of quality, attention to detail, and pride in manufacturing; And for an extremely reasonable price." Louis Soto (Iselin, NJ)
"I ordered an engine from you and all I wanted to say is Thank You." Antonio Zagales (Miami, FL)
"You guys delivered me a great product, on time, as quoted, and it runs better and stronger than I had hoped for." Michael C. Benson (Redfield, AR)